Alaska North Slope (ANS)

Nestled between Giants - Having North America's two largest oil fields, the North Slope boasts a world-class hydrocarbon system with 16 billion barrels of oil produced in the past 35 years from a variety of play types. There are billions of barrels left to produce and billions more likely yet to be discovered. The Group also sees numerous accumulations within its Beechey Point Unit which are under consideration for development and located within a few miles of Prudhoe Bay.
From Crumbs of the Majors - Rise of the Independents - The Gulf of Mexico shelf and the U.K. North Sea basin provide the model for what we believe will happen on the North Slope as this oil province matures. The Majors built most of the necessary infrastructure to produce Prudhoe Bay, Kuparuk and the satellite fields. As production from the super giants declines, openings are beginning to appear in large fields. Already ENI and Pioneer have entered the mix bringing new production on line. The basin pattern of evolution is now playing out on the North Slope.
Onshore, Domestic Light Oil - Improvements have been made in regulation and permitting over the past decade, and the political and regulatory structure is known and stable. All of our operator's acreage is onshore land owned by the state, which has been consistently pro oil development for decades.
Arctic Challenges - The arctic environment presents unique challenges but partnering with world-class contractors has enabled our operator, BRPC, to successfully operate exploration drilling on-time and on budget.
Compared to most hydrocarbon basins, Alaska is relatively underexplored, with 500 exploration wells on the North Slope, compared to Wyoming’s 19,000!1

1. Alaskan Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (AOGCC)

Recent ANS Oil and Gas Activities



ANS Pipeline System
  • There are 9 pipeline systems across the ANS including Alphine, Badami, Endicott, Kuparuk, Milne Point, Northstar, Nuiqsut, Point Thomson Export and Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline
  • Operators of these pipelines are ConocoPhillips Alaska, Inc.,Harvest Alaska, LLC, PTE, Lcc, Savant Alaska, LLC and the North Slope Borough
  • Mustang is situated 335 metres away from the Alpine Pipelines, which deliver the crude oil to TAPS for market export
  • The Alpine Pipelines consist of 3 pipelines, each approximately 34 miles long and connect the ANS's westernmost development to infrastructure and TAPS in the Kuparuk River Unit

Tax credits
Tax credits are an important tool in Alaska's tax policy. The State of Alaska offers a variety of tax credits to incentivise investment across the state.
Taxpayers with Alaska oil and gas production less than 100,000 BTU equivalent barrels a day are eligible for a Small Producer Credit. When average oil and gas production is no more than 50,000 barrels per day, the credit is $12 million per year. When production exceeds 50,000 barrels per day, but is less than 100,000 barrels per day, the credit is allocated based on production volumes. This credit sunsets the later of 2016 or the ninth calendar year after the first year of production. The credit is not certificated and is not transferable.

Alpha's resource exposure in ANS
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